Wednesday, August 12, 2009

questions of the day

1. Has anyone ever seen a baby pigeon? Do they not peruse the streets until they're full size?

2. More importantly, why are McDonalds' milkshake machines always broken or "shut down for the day"? I think they should invest in more reliable milkshake machines.

Friday, August 07, 2009

a steady diet of booze and anger

I am in a crazy, bitter place right now... but I'm happy, which is weird. I've been on a steady diet of booze and anger this week. The anger has caused two-a-day workouts and the booze has caused... well.. hang overs. What doesn't help matters (but prevents me from drinking alone) is that it seems that a lot of my ATL friends are going through similar emotions so I seem to luckily always have a drinking buddy. I've been lucky enough to find workout buddies as well.

I still have not purchased cable since I moved into my new place. I basically have the Sex and the City DVDs in the player 24/7. Sometimes I'll throw in a little Two Weeks Notice or Bridget Jones Diary but it's mostly been Sex and the City. I need to read more and I'll definitely be making a trip to Blockbuster this weekend. You can only watch SATC so much because after awhile you start to completely compare and contrast your own life with the show. And that ain't healthy.