Wednesday, August 12, 2009

questions of the day

1. Has anyone ever seen a baby pigeon? Do they not peruse the streets until they're full size?

2. More importantly, why are McDonalds' milkshake machines always broken or "shut down for the day"? I think they should invest in more reliable milkshake machines.

Friday, August 07, 2009

a steady diet of booze and anger

I am in a crazy, bitter place right now... but I'm happy, which is weird. I've been on a steady diet of booze and anger this week. The anger has caused two-a-day workouts and the booze has caused... well.. hang overs. What doesn't help matters (but prevents me from drinking alone) is that it seems that a lot of my ATL friends are going through similar emotions so I seem to luckily always have a drinking buddy. I've been lucky enough to find workout buddies as well.

I still have not purchased cable since I moved into my new place. I basically have the Sex and the City DVDs in the player 24/7. Sometimes I'll throw in a little Two Weeks Notice or Bridget Jones Diary but it's mostly been Sex and the City. I need to read more and I'll definitely be making a trip to Blockbuster this weekend. You can only watch SATC so much because after awhile you start to completely compare and contrast your own life with the show. And that ain't healthy.

Monday, July 20, 2009

weekend update- part 1

First, I must point out, if you're driving a car that has flame graphics of any sort on the car, you should be going faster than the speed limit at all times. It just makes sense. I saw a PT Cruiser last week with flame graphics on each side and it was going 25mph in a 30 zone. Your car is on fire and you're going 10mph!!

Second, what is all the fascination with the Dodge Magnum? People, it's a still a station wagon. You can make it all fancy and make it to look all "street" and hip... but it's still a station wagon. Yeah. Still not cool.

Anyway, so I went home this weekend. Jeff and I went to see Darius Rucker in concert on Friday at Elk Creek Vineyards in Owenton, KY. The concert was amazing. Probably the best concert I've ever been to - it definitely helped that Jeff snagged us 4th row seats. He did songs from his new country album (loves) and some Hootie songs (loves).

During the 2nd encore, the couple that was sitting next to us left and they were quickly replaced by a drunk lady and her date. The drunk lady decided to stand on the chair next to me. Dude, we're in the 4th row... really... do you need to stand on the seat? Since this concert was at a vineyard, they served wine at the concert. Here's the set up, drunk lady standing on chair next to me, drinking red wine, I'm wearing a white sweater. She starts laughing and sprays my left side with red wine. Face, sweater, arm. Nice. Darius Rucker performed Purple Rain during his 2nd encore which was kinda ironic considering all of the wine on my sweater looked like purple rain. So, I get pretty heated and the lady hands me a $20. And that is how you make $20 at a Darius Rucker concert.

Monday, May 25, 2009

everything is funny in slow motion

Topic: Bad breath. You know that a person has bad breath when you can smell their bad breath.. and they're standing BEHIND you. Seriously. Gross.

So I had an eventful weekend. I was in Coury and Jesse's wedding on Friday. It was a beautiful wedding and such a fun reception. I was grateful to have been apart of it. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Osbourne.

Saturday night Suz and I went out to Shout. It's becoming our new place but after our experience with people on Saturday, I think we need to take a break from Shout. On our way home, we decided to make a stop at McDonalds. We put everything under one order so when we got our bag of food, I asked for a spare bag so that Suz could put her food in a bag. On our way to Suz's house, Suz was trying to remove her food from the bottom of the big bag. All of a sudden, Suz's hand came out the side of the bag and we could not stop laughing. She finally got her food out and then she had to wrap the big bag on two sides. We were laughing so hard our sides hurt.

I'm going to be updating my blog a bit more because I'm going to be off facebook for a while. I needed a break from facebook.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

please explain this to me

I went to the gym in our apartment complex last night to run on the treadmill. The gym has old school treadmills and a few newer treadmills that at least look like they were manufactured in this century. Anyway, only one of the newer treadmills was available so I walked over to it. As I made my approach, I noticed a green sign on one of the arms of the treadmill. The sign read something like this:

"Please do not pounce or slam down on this treadmill. Doing so will cause the treadmill to make a loud noise and disturb others who are working out. A nice, smooth pace will work best."

So, as I begin my run, I'm trying to imagine what in the hell one does in order to pounce or slam down on a treadmill? And as I'm running, I'm also now super self conscious about my stride. Am I pouncing? Am I slamming down? What happens if the treadmill starts making a God-awful noise and disturbs others? Should I just jump off the treadmill and leave? Well, apparently, I kept a nice, smooth pace and had nothing to worry about.

But seriously, I'm totally picturing someone like 5 feet from the treadmill, getting a running start, and jumping or "slamming down" on the treadmill. And what kind of noise does a treadmill make that may disturb others?