Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am a walking Saturday Night Live skit.

So I wore a dress to work today. This dress is kinda snug and it definitely has no give in it whatsoever. The dress goes down a little bit passed my knees and since it's kinda of snug, I have very little range of motion with my legs. When I was leaving the apartment this morning and trying to get in my car, I could just barely lift my leg up enough to get into the car. Of course, on my way to work, I make my daily morning stop at Starbucks. I go in, order my coffee, come back out. Now I'm parked in somewhat of a confined space and I can't open my car door all the way. I open the car door, holding coffee, try to lift my leg up to get in the car and I can't get my leg in the car. So, I try sitting in the car butt first, but when I sat down, my dress was still hindering me from getting my legs in the car. Please keep in mind that I am still in Starbucks' parking lot and the windows at this Starbucks face the parking lot. Thanks. So, I'm sitting in my car with my legs out the door, still trying to get in the car. I ended up leaning sideways while in my seat and doing some type of air bicycle with my legs and finally was able to get in the car. Damn dress.


Jenny said...

You are a walking SNL skit. But one from the mid to late '90's when it was still funny. I just said buh-bye, why would I say anything else it doesn't make any sense? BUH-BYE

lethes said...

i wish i could've seen that.