Friday, July 25, 2008

my boyfriend is my hero & i am an emotional basket case

There are wild cats that live in our apartment complex. Well, maybe they aren't wild exactly but I don't think they belong to anyone. One of the cats just had a kitten and we usually see the two of them around our apartment. Recently the mama cat and the kitten have been housing themselves under my car and Malik's truck. This morning when I was leaving, the mama cat ran out from under my car to under Malik's truck. I didn't see the kitten and I assumed that it was still under my car. I began to back out very slowly and I heard a screaming yelp. OMG! I just knew that I ran over the kitten. I began crying and called Malik, who was still in the apartment, and told him what happened. He said he would come outside and due to the fact that I was scared to move (my car or myself), I was grateful. To add another degree of difficulty, Malik pulled a muscle in his back last night at basketball. So, this man is trying to bend over to look under my car, trying to get on the ground to find the kitten with a pulled muscle in his back. He inspects every tire and sees nothing. He tells me to go ahead and back up. As I begin to back up again, we hear the screaming yelp again and I see the concern on Malik's face. However, when I hear the screaming yelp again, I scream and begin sobbing with my face in my hands... still in the car, still being too scared to move. Malik gets on the ground again, gets back up and asks me to pop my trunk. He pulls a blanket out of my trunk. (I'm still sobbing). He gets back down on the ground, stands up holding the blanket and walks over to the driver side door where I am.. in the car.. still sobbing. He shows me the kitten in the blanket and says, "See. He's fine. Everything is ok. It looks like you just got his tail." I managed to pull myself together. I will never forget the image of Malik standing next to my car with a kitten, tucked in a blanket, wrapped up in his big strong arms. .. and me sobbing like a 3 year old.

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Jenny said...

aawwwww....are you allowed pets in the apartment? You should adopt him. It's the least you could do after running over his tail.