Wednesday, May 07, 2008

i see weird people- part deux- and they touch me

About a month ago, Malik and I flew to Pittsburgh to see his family. This was my first time flying with Malik. Everyone that knows me, knows that I HATE to fly. I get anxious, nervous, nauseous.. everything bad. Well, I think flying with Malik did me some good because when I went to New York a couple weeks ago, I was just as relaxed as ever. No pre nerves, no pre nauseousness (look mom, no nauseation!). On the flight up to New York, I still took Dramamine for motion sickness which knocked my ass out. So, on the flight back, I decided I was going to fly drug free! No Dramamine! And the seat pocket in front of me contained no barf bag. Living on the edge, I'm telling ya.
Well, I got on the plane, helped a lady get her heavy carry on into an overhead bin, and was feeling just as perky as ever. I was wide awake when the flight attendants came around with the drink cart. I was in the last row of the plane so when the drink cart finally made it to me, I was all smiles. Well, apparently a little too smiley because the male flight attendant, who had blonde highlights and a unibrow, proceeded to push the cart past me while pinching my cheek. (On my face! dirty minds!) He then came back and said, with a thick accent, "what would you like to drink sweetie?" I asked for ginger ale and he said "do you want ice?" Oh my God, I've never been given this option before. Just give me a damn drink! Finally he came back. "Here you go sweetie". Well, I think I have been cured of motion sickness for sure because if this didn't make me puke, nothing will.


JenNY said...

Your cheeks are so damn pinchable!!
I forgot to tell you....the last idiot to board your plane is the reason you were delayed a bit. They drove his suitcases out to the plane and opened it back up to put them on. What an ass.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if anyone was interested in buying a '91 Honda Prelude. It's a stick shift and it comes with sub woofers in the back. I upgraded to a red Escort with decals on the side.

MissIker said...

shut up! Red Escorts with "racing stripes" are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I know they are awesome. I just got mine back from the shop because I got video screens put in so I can run non-stop episodes of Square One. (See if you can get that music out of your head now)

Anonymous said...

was he wearing a pinky ring? were you on delta?