Monday, April 14, 2008

am I the only one who sees this stuff? I don't see dead people- I see weird people.

I got up pretty early yesterday (Sunday) and decided to go pick up breakfast at Sonic for Malik and me. As I was about to turn left onto the main road out of the apartment complex, I saw a man crossing the street with his arms up like this guy in the pic. It was at this point that I locked my car doors and tried to keep my eyes focused straight ahead. I thought maybe he saw someone he knew and was running across the street to hug them or saw a bear and was trying to scare the bear off. When he crossed the street, he moved out of my line of sight... But as he started walking down the street, he was approaching me at the traffic light.. alone.. not hugging anyone.. not wrestling a bear. I was trying not to look and thinking, "please turn green, please turn green." From what I did see- the man was wearing running clothes so I thought maybe he had just finished running and had his arms up because he had a hard time breathing. What made it worse or even more weird is this guy was at least 6'5". Finally, the light changed before the guy got to my car. I went and got the food and made my way back to the apartment. It took me about 20 minutes to get back to the area near the apartment and there he was again. Walking in the opposite direction, arms up, like a damn goon walking down the main drag in Smyrna. WTF?


JenNY said...

He saw someone he knew floating through the air above him.

Mr. Lockwood: Anyone seen a pair of oven mits floating around?
Nate: Yeah they're right there. (pointing to the ceiling of the classroom)


Ikes said...

He was simply visualizing his victory at the ATL marathon...or maybe he was dead? Goo. That would be heavy.

Breen said...

i believe you are the one to see these things/people b/c you write so well about them/it.
where is Mr. Lockwood these days...perhaps the man in the picture?