Thursday, March 27, 2008

what the?

Last weekend the weather in Atlanta was beautiful. The temp was in the 70's, the sun was shining. It was so beautiful in fact that I was actually looking forward to going for a run (this is rare). Our apartment complex has a mile long trail that winds around the grounds. I had been running for about a quarter of a mile when I got into the part of the trail that runs along a creek and is shaded by a bunch of trees. As I was coming down the path, there was a squirrel running towards me. This wasn't a big deal, I'd seen squirrels down in this area before. I do try to avoid them though. I think this is due to some nonsense I saw on the tv show "When Animals Attack". What was weird is that this squirrel appeared to be really, really fat. As it got closer to me, it stopped right in the middle of the trail. It was at this time that I realized that the squirrel was not fat. What I had mistaken for extra poundage on the squirrel was actually a mouse, with the same color fur as the squirrel, in the squirrel's mouth. What in the hell? The squirrel was still frozen in front of me, holding a ball of fur by it's front teeth and I'm looking around like "is anyone else seeing this?!" Finally, another girl came up behind me and she was just going to stroll on by oblivious to this carnivorous squirrel that was in front of us. I stopped her before she got past me and said "I'm not really sure what's going on here". She stopped and was startled- I think because I spoke to her, not because of the squirrel. Right after she stopped, the squirrel, with the mouse in it's mouth, ran up a tree. And I started back on my run.


Anonymous said...

I know a few raccoons that love their steak.

Anonymous said...

Did the girl ever even acknowledge that there was a rodent eating a varmit in the running path? Did she see it, or did she not understand the situation and think you were a lost aerobics instructor and just keep moving? Did you even have your contacts in? I've seen squirrels drag whole pizza pieces up a tree. They are angels.
- Knarf

Ikes said...

This is why you jog with your camera from now on...angels? what do you speek of KNARF?