Wednesday, March 12, 2008

people! strap down your sh*t!

A couple nights ago, I was driving home from work when traffic came to a dead stop on I-75. This was unusual for the drive home. I called Malik to see if he had left work yet, to see if he was possibly ahead of me on 75 and could tell me what the problem was. We're our own little traffic team sometimes but this time he hadn't left the office yet so he had no info for me. Traffic began crawling along and I finally approached the reason for the congestion. Some idiot lost a broom out of their vehicle. By the time I reached it, it was in a hundred pieces in the middle of the fast lane. I called Malik. "Broom down! Broom down! Avoid fast lane!"
A couple months ago, I was driving on I-285 on a Saturday headed to the mall. When all the sudden, out of no where, I ran over a damn ladder. A LADDER! An aluminum ladder. My tires sent that shit flying and whirling down the highway behind me. I thought for sure my car was totally jacked up, especially my tire. No damage. Just me freaking out as its not every day that you run over a ladder but apparently in Atlanta, there's no telling what you will encounter on the roads.


Anonymous said...

Weird, we have an I-75 in Kentucky too.
- f'n gorilla

Jesse Osbourne said...

you and malik need a walkie talkie set for such occasions.

think of the possibilities.