Friday, February 01, 2008


Well, when I typed in "shot in hell" into Google, I expected that one of the first results would be the Giants beating the Patriots in the superbowl. Instead, the first hit was some jackass's blog in Delaware writing about politics and other nerd nonsense.

Anywho, I'll be pulling for the Giants on Sunday. I'm a fan of the Giants and I'm an even bigger NON fan of Tom Brady. While I am realistic, and the Patriots probably will win, I'm still hoping the G-Men can pull out a "shot in hell" victory.


lethes said...

how long do i have to wait for my strip search post?

Jenny said...

OH YEAH BABY!!!! GO GIANTS!!! Tom Brady is an uggo and big douchie douchebag who will probably win (I'm realistic too) but it will never change the fact that he's a douche.

jenny said...

Um, did I say douchebag? Yeah, I meant 18-1, cursed, over-confident, girlfriend watchin' the game makin' him nervous, loser, uggo, whiny-baby, loser go home to beantown DOUCHEBAG!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 wins and 1 GIANT loss.