Tuesday, January 29, 2008

make it stop

Why, in the name of everything holy, would someone choose to whistle in an office setting? An office setting where some of us don't have doors and all we can do to drown out the piercing high pitched whistling is put on some head phones. I could semi understand whistling while walking down the hall perhaps, or, I don't know, while making your lunch or going to the bathroom. But what in hell does someone have to whistle about while sitting at their desk, in their office, doing work? Christ- do I work with one of the seven dwarves? Maybe people are just annoyingly happy to be doing their job. So, if people can feel open to whistle while their happy doing their work, can I make vomit noises when I'm not happy about doing my work?


lethes said...

this is so funny i think i'm going to read it to my class. it makes me laugh. outloud.

MissIker said...

that is the best compliment... ever! it makes me want to whistle!

knarf said...

I am so glad you addressed this phenonenon. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of waiting at Walgreen's for a passport picture to develop, and as I was passing the time I noticed an old man pushing a cart and whistling. How nice, i thought, and then it just continued. I tried to figure out what he could possibly be whistling, but I lost that game. Just a mishmash of horribly assembled quasi-notes. If he was whistling to a song he knew, I hope the composer was retarded. I wouldn't take a dollar for that CD. Thanks, Em. Down with whistlers! Audition for Idol and see how that goes, you old kook.