Monday, December 10, 2007

Smokey Mountain Crap-mas

Yesterday afternoon I sat down to watch the first two football games of the day. Green Bay vs Oakland did not look to be an exciting game nor did Dallas vs Detroit. (side note: I'm now wondering if the Falcons had a bye or if they just suck and are not televised anymore due to ticket sales. hmm... and I really don't care. Moving on.) So, I started flipping channels (my favorite past time) and I found a movie on CMT (yes, that's Country Music Television) called "Smokey Mountain Christmas." This movie is from 1986 stars Dolly Parton and I used to watch it OVER and OVER so much that when I watched it yesterday I remembered some of the dialogue and songs (yes. I said songs. It's Dolly Parton, what do you expect?) in the movie.
I do not wish to incriminate my brother at this time but I'm pretty sure he used to watch it with me. (Sorry bro- you probably didn't have a choice, I think we only had one tv at that time, although you could've left the room if you didn't want to watch it, it's not like I tied you down or anything- well maybe I did. Whatever, you watched it to, probably on your own free will)
It is amazing to me the stuff that I was entertained by as a child. I wasted my Sunday afternoon watching this movie that was absolutely AWFUL but as a child, I loved loved loved "Smokey Mountain Christmas".


lethes said...

and singing "you can call me al." which was also voluntary.
and also involved your brother.

Ikes said...

Take it easy Lethes! And you too, Sis! Jease!!!

I watched it because of Dolly Parton's huge...beautiful singing voice!

Eggserroneous said...

beats watching Ernest Goes to Camp while listening to the Jets on a record player...or does it?

MissIker said...

dear eggserroneous,
that is the funniest comment that has ever been posted on this blog.
know what I mean, Vern?