Friday, October 26, 2007

sweet baby jesus and sweet potatoes

Sweet baby Jesus I haven't typed on this damn thing in a LONG time. Sorry friends.

I've been driving around with sweet potatoes in my car for a week mostly due to laziness. My trainer at the gym put me on this new diet. I have no idea what it does but I'm supposed to eat nothing but fruits and veggies Monday thru Friday and then eat protein on the weekend. I went grocery shopping last weekend to get ready for my week of fruit and veggies (delicious). I bought many delectable items from the produce section including a bag of already cut up, skinned sweet potatoes.
Monday afternoon Malik called me at work and said that his friends got us tickets to the Atlanta Hawks preseason game. We would need to head to the game straight after work. I was not prepared as I was in my work clothes and didn't have a change of clothes. So, on my lunch break I went home and got a change of clothes. On my way out the door at the apartment, I thought "I should grab that bag of carrots to snack on at work." Went to the fridge, grabbed the bag of carrots, got in the car. Realized then that I had actually grabbed the bag of sweet potatoes. Cursed for a minute. And the sweet potatoes are still sitting in my cup holder in my car.
Mom, remember when I used to make necklaces out of dried up potatoes that we would put on the dashboard of the car? You interested in a sweet potato necklace?

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