Wednesday, September 19, 2007

no much going on

Not too much going on with me lately. I'm going to get my ONE stitch out on Friday. Should be interesting. In regards to my recent passing out, the question that keeps coming up is "how are you going to birth children"? And my answer simply is, "I don't know" but I'm sure it will be a good blog story when the time comes. Calm down. The time is not coming anytime soon.

I would like to thank the Bengals for making me look like an IDIOT in the work football pool last week. Thanks for NOT beating Cleveland. Awesome. Oh! And big shout out to U of L losing to UK. Thanks- picked U of L to win.

And, Brother, if you are reading, please elaborate on the story involving the following main characters: you, a fountain, a cell phone, and alcohol.


Susan Slawter said...

AWWW...EM! I love you! Thanks for the blog support! Let's create our own,me,M.J, and LITs this weekend! What do ya think???


Miker said...

Way to go, Em. Don't let your brother off easy. You should have seen him last night. Looked like he was using his Mom's old phone. Maybe it was!

Ikes said...

Haha, read my'll find the full explanation there.