Monday, September 24, 2007

the grudge

Malik is not scared of anything. He is sometimes "bothered" by heights and doesn't care too much for the movie "The Grudge", but he's never scared. For those of you who haven't seen "The Grudge", I believe that there is a part in the movie when the zombie looking girl crawls up under the sheets of the bed and attacks the lady in the movie.
So, one night last week Malik and I were getting ready for bed. The bed room light was on and the tv was off. Malik was on his side of the bed which is furthest from the light switch. Before I continue, let me say that what is about to happen, I did not mean to do- it just happened. I decided that I would turn the bed room light off while turning on the tv just so he could have light in the room if he needed it. All this because I am lazy and can turn the tv off from the bed. Malik is standing next to the bed. I turn on the tv via remote while I'm walking towards the bed room light switch. Now, in the 5 seconds that it takes the tv picture to come on, while it was still dark, I managed to make it back across the room, crawl across the bed, and reach to give Malik a hug. He thought I was the Grudge. I didn't mean to.

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