Wednesday, September 26, 2007

good story from back in the day

Back in the good ol' college dorm days, our dorm neighbor, Krissy Carr, had a plethora of CDs. Some of her CDs were of the sappy love song variety... right up my alley. So, being that this was back in the day- the day of mixed tapes and the like, I made a mixed tape from her CDs. Bunch of sappy sappy crap that I happened to LOVE. One of the songs was "Why Does It Hurt So Bad" by Whitney Houston. Krissy happened to have a live version of the song on a CD single. Anyway, so this mixed tape gets played and played. Mostly because I loved all the songs and Coury loved "That's What Love Can Do" by some singer I don't remember so we would play this tape all the time. Well, eventually the tape bit the dust or the tape deck in my car finally stopped wanting to play lame crap, REGARDLESS, the tape was ruined. We were out of college and I had lost touch with Krissy.
Years later, I was at work (answering the phones at the mental health place) and I got an itch to hear that Whitney Houston song. The live version. So, I started searching the internet to see if there were copies of this CD anywhere. (You know, work stuff). I found someone that had a copy of the live version... in the United Kingdom. I thought what the hell- I make $7/ hour, I can afford a CD for $5 plus $20 in shipping. So, I bought it. It arrived.
And it was a record. Nice.
I called around Cincinnati and found a place that could put a record onto a CD. The record had like 5 versions of the song and when I went to pick up my record and CD, the guy that made me the copy said, "By the 5th version I wanted to shoot myself from listening to that crap."
Thanks, buddy. Thanks.

Monday, September 24, 2007

the grudge

Malik is not scared of anything. He is sometimes "bothered" by heights and doesn't care too much for the movie "The Grudge", but he's never scared. For those of you who haven't seen "The Grudge", I believe that there is a part in the movie when the zombie looking girl crawls up under the sheets of the bed and attacks the lady in the movie.
So, one night last week Malik and I were getting ready for bed. The bed room light was on and the tv was off. Malik was on his side of the bed which is furthest from the light switch. Before I continue, let me say that what is about to happen, I did not mean to do- it just happened. I decided that I would turn the bed room light off while turning on the tv just so he could have light in the room if he needed it. All this because I am lazy and can turn the tv off from the bed. Malik is standing next to the bed. I turn on the tv via remote while I'm walking towards the bed room light switch. Now, in the 5 seconds that it takes the tv picture to come on, while it was still dark, I managed to make it back across the room, crawl across the bed, and reach to give Malik a hug. He thought I was the Grudge. I didn't mean to.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

no much going on

Not too much going on with me lately. I'm going to get my ONE stitch out on Friday. Should be interesting. In regards to my recent passing out, the question that keeps coming up is "how are you going to birth children"? And my answer simply is, "I don't know" but I'm sure it will be a good blog story when the time comes. Calm down. The time is not coming anytime soon.

I would like to thank the Bengals for making me look like an IDIOT in the work football pool last week. Thanks for NOT beating Cleveland. Awesome. Oh! And big shout out to U of L losing to UK. Thanks- picked U of L to win.

And, Brother, if you are reading, please elaborate on the story involving the following main characters: you, a fountain, a cell phone, and alcohol.

Monday, September 10, 2007

like father, like daughter

Most of you don't know this because I just found out recently myself that my dad almost passed out when I was born. (love you, Pop!) If I remember correctly, he sort of started to slide down the wall while my mom was in labor.
Now, I claim to be a pretty tough gal. Physically, anyways. So, last week I went to the dermatologist to get my moles checked just to make sure I wasn't sporting any weird moley, moley moles (click the link)
During my exam I told the doc that I had a "different" looking mole on my thigh. It didn't look like any of the other moles that I have. She took a look and said that it didn't look like anything serious but she would take it off if I wanted her too. If I wanted her to? Shouldn't that be your decision, doc? I have a hard enough time picking out what socks to wear and you're asking me if I want a mole removed? She said she would go ahead and take it off.
So, the nurse numbed a tiny area of my thigh and I was sliced and diced. 30 seconds later- mole removed, 1 stitch in the thigh. Yes, 1 stitch. I turned to look at my wound at this point and the nurse, who was busy cleaning up, started telling me what I needed to do to take care of my "wound". And.... I passed out.