Wednesday, August 29, 2007

maybe you had to be there

This may be one of those stories where you actually did have to be there to think it was funny but I'm going to put it on here just so I can remember this story. Malik and I went out to lunch last Saturday to a place called Azios that has various pasta dishes, pizza, and salads. We were finishing up our food and a couple sat down two tables away from us. The staff brings the couple a salad and sets it in the middle of the table. Azios is the type of restaurant where you order your food at the register, they give you a number, and the staff brings the food to the table. I say this because anyone with manners would realize that if you need something, you should go back up to the counter- no one is waiting on you.
Anyway, so this couple start devouring their salad. One of the staff walk by to clean up a table. The guy eating the salad (with his mouth full) keeps saying "sir, sir, sir" to the guy cleaning the table. Finally, the guy cleaning hears the salad eating guy. The guy eating salad (with his mouth still full) says "There's no CHICKEN in my CHICKEN salad." The Azios guy is like "huh? no chicken?" Idiot eating the salad repeats himself (mouth full, trying to be funny) "There's no CHICKEN in my CHICKEN salad." Azios guy says, "Lemme go get you some chicken." Idiot eating the chicken without chicken salad (still stuffing salad in his mouth while talking) says, "Could you just bring some hummus?", then points at the salad and says, "Cause this is about to be gone!" Ya think?

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Jenny said...

I didn't need to be there Em. Those kinds of idiots are around me too. They're everywhere. I even work for a few of them!