Thursday, August 02, 2007

Good times

1. After refilling my gas tank for $812.37, I continue down the road only to find a gas station that has cheaper gas. This always happens to me. Good times.
2. There is a certain shade of purple that looks really good on me. This shade of purple just happens to be the same color as Barney.. the purple T rex bastard who conveys learning through jumping around singing children's songs with a friendly, annoyingly optimistic attitude. I bought a new shirt and when I pulled it out of the bag Malik said, "Oh, another Barney shirt?" Good times.
3. Playing the card game Bullshit with my mom, aunt, & younger cousins. Yelling bullshit at each other and everyone dropping the F bomb when they get called out for putting down bogus cards. Good times.


lethes said...

man i haven't played that card game in forever!!! that IS good times.

Mom said...

Glad we could have so much fun cussing at each other. I'm trying to practice my lying face in the mirror to get ready for our next crazy evening of bullshit. Gotta love it.