Wednesday, August 15, 2007

confused and annoyed

The title of this blog is confused and annoyed. Let's address the confused part first. There is a person at my job that uses the word "chunk" when talking about throwing something away, ie "No one is using those files so go ahead and chunk them." Huh? This use of the word chunk has confused me. Maybe it's a southern thing. For all of my northern friends, or anyone with an opinion, is the correct word chuck or chunk? Or am I just thoroughly confused?
Now to the annoyed part of this post. Football season is upon us and I am totally excited. I will not be excited, however, if I have to see "Viva Viagra" commercials all season. I'm sure Elvis is so totally stoked that his song "Viva Las Vegas" has been remade for a commercial about ED. And furthermore, why are the guys in the commercial sitting around singing a song about a drug for ED? Seriously, I do not want to see this crap all season. The network should go ahead and chunk this stupid commercial.


Jenny said...

The proper pronunciation is "CHUCK." As in, "Go ahead and chuck it."
If you think that's bad, visit a blog dedicated to a man who mispronounces a dozen words per day:

MissIker said... is hilarious! (i sound like an infommercial- ricky bonics worked for me!)

Jenny said...

Glad you liked it.....that's my blog. I work with Ricky. He's a mess.

Beth said...

I have no idea who Ricky is, but the blog about him is hilarious, I am still laughing!!