Friday, August 17, 2007

bored, vick, and hunting

I'm totally bored today. I think I've looked at every page on the internet. Click link if you don't believe me :

Everyone is waiting on news of Michael Vick's plea deal. I could care less.

Here's an old pic of me at the movie arcade when Malik and I were waiting for a movie to start- can't remember what movie it was that we were seeing. Must have been a good one. Anyway, I was playing Extreme Hunting. I was not able to shoot one damn thing with my big safety orange rifle. Malik managed to take a pic of me while I was entering (shooting) my initials after I lost the game. Apparently you lose if you don't shoot anything. I think the picture is funny because you can see "Extreme Hunting" at the top of the game and then I'm shooting the alphabet. Nice. And I look quite intense for shooting letters.

1 comment:

leath said...

at first i thought you were sick, when i saw 'vick' in your headline. as in vick's vaporub.
speaking of, you know the children's song 'little peter rabbit had a fly upon his nose..."? well, evidently there's an updated version that said "little peter rabbit had a cold in his chest... so he rubbed it with vick's vaporub."
and i'm not kidding.