Friday, July 20, 2007

new pictures

Haven't logged on here in a while- I forgot my damn user name and password. Hope everyone is doing well. I finally uploaded some pictures from my new camera. These pictures are going to be a little random.
First, mom wanted to see a picture of the patio furniture that I purchased for the apartment. Here ya go, Shell.

The plant is fake.

Next, a lovely picture of Malik and I at the office barbeque from a couple weeks ago.

My favorite brother came to see me in Atlanta last weekend and we went to see the Reds/ Braves game. Here are some pics from that.
We had really good seats. All was swell until the drunk Reds fans behind us got into a verbal altercation with some drunk Braves fans. Braves fan yells, "You're a fat piece of sh*t!" Reds fan yells, "Let's go have a talk!" The stadium usher gets involved- he's 82. Good ol' Walter trying to prevent a brawl. Gotta love the drunks....


Ikes said...

That is a lovely picture and a lovely account of what happened at the game.

MissIker said...

Oh and Griffey hit a home run..