Thursday, July 26, 2007


I am taking a mini holiday (as the Brits say) this weekend. Headed to Louisville to see the ol' college girlfriends. And then headed to Nashville, Indiana. Nope. That is not a misprint. Nashville, Indiana- which is close to Columbus, Indiana. Which brings me to ask, could Indiana not come up with some original names for their cities? Oh! Indianapolis!... wait.. that sounds like.. Indiana. "Sure! Just throw a "polis" on the end of Indiana! Sounds great!"

Anyway, we're staying at "resort" in Indiana that lists this on the front page of their website:

2007 Overlook Restaurant Hours:
Thursday- Saturday: 5:00-9:00
Sunday: 9:00-2:00(Brunch) 5:00-8:00 Dinner With live music.
We are now home of the World Famous
Gnaw Bone Tenderloin!
Hmm.. I'm not to sure about this one. Do I want to stay at a "resort" that advertises a world famous gnaw bone tenderloin? I'm scared.


lethes said...

yea! college girlfriends!
see you REALLY SOON!

Knarf said...

Gnaw Bone is a tiny town between Columbus, IN and Bloomington, IN. That is where that comes from, but the town itself, is very sketchy so stay away from that tenderloin.