Friday, June 01, 2007

How do these people find me?

On Tuesday I had to walk to 999 Peachtree (about 4 blocks away) to pick up some MARTA passes for my co workers. When I told some of my co workers that I was going to walk down to 999, all of them had a coronary. They couldn't believe that I was going to walk instead of drive. Since when is walking 4 blocks such a huge inconvenience?
Anyway, I made to 999 just fine. I packed an overnight bag with a tent, lots of water, flashlight, bug repelant, lots of snacks... just kidding. It's just FOUR blocks! So, I got the MARTA passes and started to make the return back to work. On my way back, I had to stop at the first corner because I had to cross the street and I did not have the "good time to cross" signal. There is a girl waiting on the corner also. I stand behind her. Good safe personal space distance behind her. I see no need to walk up and stand next to her in order to cross the street. This isn't a race.
Well, she proceeds to turn around and ask me, "Oh, are you crossing too?" What the f? I said, "yep". What I wanted to say was "Why the hell do you think I'm standing here?" So, we crossed the street. I was going to try to pick up my pace and pass her but she wasn't breaking her stride so I decided to fall back. We get another 2 blocks and she turns around again and says "Oh, you're still back there." What the f?! She slows up and starts walking with me. Tells me the reason why she's walking (I don't care) and where she's from (neat) and where's she's headed (super). I'll tell you where I'm headed... oncoming traffic.

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Ikes said...

You're mean.