Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The game wins!

I expressed interest to Malik about joining a volleyball or softball team at the gym where he plays basketball. Malik somehow got the name of a guy who needed another girl on their team. I spoke to this guy on Tuesday and he asked me to play in their game Tuesday night. Sure. I went into the gym at 8:45. And I'm looking for a team that I have never met. So, I'm walking up to every group of people asking them what team they are on (half of them don't even know their team name- awesome) And to make it even more humiliating, the team I was playing for was called Mystery Meat. So, as I'm asking people what team they are on, they ask me what team I'm looking for. Umm... Mystery... Meat. This one jackass says, "Oh, Mystery Meat? That's green." And I say, "Oh the team wears green?" He says, "No, the mystery meat- that's the green stuff in the fridge." Hey guy- thanks!!
I finally found my team, we have negative 3 seconds to warm up. We walk out on the court. Everyone but me gets into this weird T formation on the court. I'm scrambling like uh where the hell am I supposed to be as the other team is serving the ball. I hate my life.
I don't know what "level" of play I signed up for but this was like professional, college, been playing since I was a child, Karch Kiraly style volleyball. No one "volleyed" the ball, everything was a spike. People on my team were diving. On every single serve, my team had to tell me where to stand. And then some of them started pointing at me saying "stay... you stay". WHAT? I'm not a dog! I was, however, a deer... caught in the headlights. I don't think anyone has prayed to Jesus, Joseph, and Mary during a volleyball game as much as I did that fateful night.
We played four games. I honestly don't know if we won any of them. I was just happy I was alive.


lethes said...

that is so hilarious!!!
i would do ANYTHING to have digital pictures of this! haha girl, there's a reason we're friends - we aren't meant for any type of sport whatsoever.

Mom said...

The story is hilarious. Way to go for staying and for praying. Those CCD classes from elementary school are really paying off now. You have to keep playing so you can write more funny stories. I love funny stories. You are such a jock.