Monday, April 23, 2007


No, I do not know the idiot in this picture. I'm sorry if you do. Looks like Happy here is drinking a long island iced tea. Did you know the long island iced tea was "invented" in the late 70's by a bartender named Robert Butt? I'm not joking. Look it up. I want to send Mr. Butt a big thank you very much for inventing the drink that continues to knock me on my ass.

Susan and I went out on Saturday. We had a couple long islands while we were dancing. Then, we went and stood on the patio for a while. Suz had a long island in her hand. (I had cut myself off). We were standing there talking. I dropped my purse and I bent down to pick it up. While I was standing back up, my head knocked the glass out of Susan's hand. It shattered on the floor. Somehow in the process, Susan's ring got caught in my hair. (I'm actually laughing out loud while I'm typing this) Susan and I were both doubled over in laughter while trying to get her ring out of my hair while I keep yelling "I've been hit by shrapnel!" from the broken glass.
Thank you Mr. Butt. Thanks! Love, Emily


lethes said...

will you invite Happy to join us for Oaks night?
I know it's supposed to be girls' night - but he's too daggone cute.

Mom said...

Hey drinkin' daughter of mine. Another funny story. I'm tellin' ya it's book time. Does Susan's ring in your hair signify anything-blood sisters just like blood brothers? One of you should wear a headcam to get on this crazy stuff on film.

Beth said...

Emily, Emily, Emily, what am I going to do with you? I totally agree with your Mom about the headcam, it could be the next reality TV show.

JenNy said...

Where DO you find these photos? That guy is a big goober.

Ikes said...

Good stuff