Friday, March 16, 2007

my advice

My place of employment is hiring and they ask me to be directly involved in the interviewing process. Over the past couple days, 6 candidates have come through. In meeting with them, I have a few thoughts.
1. Don't wear your new spring dress and sandals to an interview. This ain't Easter, honey, its a job interview.
2. If someone gives you a ride to your interview, do not invite your ride to come in to the office with you. And furthermore, when the office manager offers you a beverage, do not yell to your ride to ask if they want a drink. This ain't a bar, honey, its a job interview.
3. Do actively listen when I'm speaking to you. Do not, however, interrupt me mid sentence to say, "yea. uh-huh. ok." Let me finish my thought, then you can pretend like you're listening to me.
4. While I am telling you about the position and showing you around the office, do not interrupt me to ask "who does your eyebrows?"



Cincy Girl at Heart said...

Who does your eyebrows??? Are you F'ing kidding me?!?!

miker said...

So . . . Who does your eyebrows?