Thursday, February 01, 2007

We found a winner!

Something miraculous has happened. I cooked. And it was good. And Malik liked it. And we're both still alive.
It all happened with a recipe from my Abs Diet book. I went to the store and bought all of the ingredients. Came home and followed the step by step instructions, or recipe, if you will, and made.... meatball hoagies. I actually made the meatballs. And when I say made I don't mean I turned on the oven and cooked the frozen meatballs. I mean I actually rolled up some ground pork into a ball and cooked it. Wait wait wait. So I actually made porkball hoagies?
That sounds gross.


lethes said...

there's the italian in ya!! porkballs! haha

Mom said...

Any kind of hoagie is a good hoagie. And them "I"talian ones are the best, right lethes? I'm proud of ya youngin. Ya done good. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

i always knew you liked porkballs!
i'm very impressed with your cooking so far...i'm still learning myself and trying to get over that burning spaghetti is ok...keep the momentum going!