Friday, February 09, 2007

Rocket science

I went driving around last night. I know my way around the area of the apartment pretty well but I don't know "what's out there". So I suppose I went "exploring". While I'm driving around I'm wondering what jackass came up with the street names around my apartment. For example, there is Cobb Parkway and South Cobb Road. Yes two different roads. I live on Windy Hill Road and I drove past a Windy Ridge Parkway. There is South Atlanta Road (what genius came up with that one?) but as far as I know there is no North Atlanta Road. We have Northside Drive and Northside Parkway, Paces Ferry and Powers Ferry, Interstate North Parkway West. What the hell is that? Then, I work on Peachtree Street but 2 blocks away there is a West Peachtree Street which is an entirely different road. And my favorite are the roads that are called simply Boulevard and Parkway. Geniuses just gave up at that point I'm assuming. "Aaahhh screw it! Lets just call this road...umm.. Street!".


lethes said...

Em! Who is that woman driving your car and why did she eat you?

breen said...

where did you get that picture??!!

Mom said...

Is the woman in the picture wearing a hat or flip sunglasses? Em you should work for Rand-McNally. Queen of the Streets.