Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What I've Been Up To

I seem to have forgotten that this blog is supposed to be about what I'm up to and not always about funny things that happen to me. Sorry that I haven't written in a while.

Last Saturday I got to watch an old VCR tape of Malik playing basketball in college. I absolutely loved it. It was Marshall vs. VMI. (VMI sounds like a disease- like an STD or something. Sorry, that was TMI) I didn't know that the VMI (Virginia Military Institute) called themselves the Keydets. Umm..WTF. Why not call yourselves the Cadets?? Whatever. It doesn't matter- Malik played for the Thundering Herd of Marshall and I'd say thats not much better. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the tape. At one point, Malik was fouled and fell on his back out of bounds. When he sat up, the camera was right in his face and he said, "Hi Mom!" What a cheese! I always tell Malik that he's famous and he always tells me that he's not. (He is)

In completely unrelated news, I have purchased two video games for Malik's XBox- games that I can play: Galaga and Joust. My brother and I used to play Galaga and Joust for hours when we were kids. (OMG! Galaga! When you can get the double or triple fighter jets! Love it!) Anyway, I've attempted to play these games recently and its not fun anymore. I'm sad. Brother, when you come visit, we'll have to play. Maybe its not fun because I'm not playing the games with you.

To my high school girlfriends in Fort Thomas, have a wonderful time in Gatlinburg this weekend. I'm sorry that I won't be joining you this time but can't wait to hear all the stories. Tell Darts I said hi. =) Miss you girls.

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