Wednesday, January 24, 2007


It would probably be easier to make a list of the Cincinnati Bengals who have NOT been arrested in the past year. I told a friend that I saw Michael Vick driving around Atlanta about a month ago. Her retort was "You have to be careful in Cinncinnati because if you see a Bengal driving around, there's a 95% chance he's drunk." NICE.
My favorite comment about one of the Bengals' players getting pulled over was from my cousin. He said that when they pulled over C. Henry, that his license was expired, his tags were expired, and he even had a gallon of expired milk in the back seat.
Nine players arrested in the past year. Good work Bungels. Good work. You all aren't the ones that have to live with a Steelers fan-thanks for your help.

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JenNY said...

I still stand behind what I said but to be fair Em, not all of them are drunk. Evidently the other 5% has marijuana.