Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Aveda face wash can also be used as WD-40 in a "I need to get the bathroom door off" situation.

It is one of these contraptions to the left (or lack thereof) that gave my mom a little trouble today.
I called my parent's house today to talk to my dad about car insurance (thrilling) and my mom answers the phone. I hear extremely loud banging in the background.
"What's that banging?" I ask.
My mom replies, "I was stuck in the bathroom and grandpa is rehanging the bathroom door."
My mom is redoing the upstairs bathroom since Jeff and I have vacated the premises. Apparently my mom removed the door knob to do some sanding or painting or something and shut the bathroom door (sanding makes dust, you know) and PRESTO! ... she couldn't get out. As some of you know, my mom has a bit of an anxiety problem. Anxiety+being stuck in a bathroom=not good. So, apparently she harnessed her anxiety into rage. Macguyver, aka my mom, concocted a Aveda face wash and shaving cream solution to loosen the door hinges and managed to REMOVE THE ENTIRE DOOR from the hinges. Good God. She then phoned my grandpa, who came over to rehang the door.

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Ikes said...

I did not hear of this! HILARIOUS... mean it's good that she got out...BUT HILARIOUS...Sorry Ma!