Monday, December 04, 2006

Sushi as big as your head

Recap of recent events:
My firm had an opening party last Thursday. Actually, it was more like an opening gala. In preparation for the gala, I helped decorate our Christmas tree in the lobby. Which means I have fulfilled my Christmas decorating quota for this year. I hung a good 15 ornaments and I'm done. The party began at 5:30 and each of our conference rooms had different types of food. Don't worry, Mom, I filled up a plate in each one of them. I arrived at the room that had the sushi. Now this was not regular sushi, this sushi had an extra ring of rice around it. So-- delicious crab & veggie center plus 2 rings of rice around the outside.

Side note: one night while dining out with Mira and Coury, (sushi queens) I decided I was going to try a bite of sushi. "You can't just bite off a piece, " they said. "You have to put the whole thing in your mouth."

Meanwhile, back at the gala, I fill my plate up with 4 sushis and I'm standing in a conference room talking to Malik, one of our attorneys, and his wife. Following the advice of the sushi queens, I put the whole piece in my mouth. Ladies, you know that panic feeling that comes over you when you're in a dressing room, trying on clothes, and you get stuck in the clothes usually when its about halfway over your head? Yes, this is the type of panic that came over me when I put a piece of sushi the size of my head in my mouth at the law firm gala. I managed to stay calm and finish the monster. I found a picture of those suckers...
The rest of the night went exceptionally well.

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lethes said...

i've never had "sushi as big as her head" (is that, by any chance, open until the bars close?)

you got me on this one

sushi queen 1.