Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving with Trolls

My brother is so clever and funny. Read the email that he sent to our cousins and me along with the attached picture:

Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to take the time on behalf of all our handsom and beautiful family members to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving.
I want to thank Laura for not growing her hair out any farther or perhaps my attendance at Thanksgiving last year may not have been documented.
Emily, where did you get the product to calm the sides of your hair? I want some.

Bro, it is not nice to make your sister snort at work. ;) Good one.


Jesse Osbourne said...

freakin' hilarious.

that's what i'm shooting for by growing my hair out.

i just have to convince coury.

lethes said...

and you just made me snort!! as if the picture wasn't funny enough, the email was icing on the cake. that's so funny! Jeff, i love you! haha

jesse - you can grow out your hair that long in photoshopland. in couryland... not so much.