Thursday, November 16, 2006

I didn't feel like chicken last night.

An update to my loyal readers: I didn't cook last night. Dang! I can hear everyone boo and groan. Actually, Malik was happy. He doesn't like to play Rotisserie Roulette with his chicken. I did make some hot apples for Malik last night. That was uneventful, nothing to report there. Something I don't quite understand is how the heck my mom would work all day, come home, and put together a meal for 4 people by 5:30. A meal, people! A meal! I'm still working on the main entree. I went to Kroger after work, made the hot apples, then sat down and watched Dancing with the Stars (go Emmit!) and ate (I'm embarrassed to say) chips and salsa for dinner. Dang! Again with the boos and groans. Quit it! I was tired after searching and searching the aisles of Kroger for lemon juice. Oh, its not in the juice aisle, people! Anyway, Malik has been warned, I'm going to make fish tonight. I know, I know. I feel pretty confident in my tilapia making skills so I'm going to try tilapia first, then a chicken dish. Broiled Tilapia Parmesan is on the menu tonight, my friends. I promise to not disappoint. Ta ta!

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lethes said...

dude. your faithful readers want to know - what about the tilapia?