Thursday, November 09, 2006

Exercise is a dirty word. Every time I hear it, I wash my mouth out with chocolate.

So, I eat my Lean Cuisine in the break room. Finish my lunch, get my headphones and decide that I'm going to walk the stairs in my office building for some exercise. My office is on the 21st floor and I walk all the way up to the 40th floor. Yea, I'm about to DIE. (I'm being dramatic, it wasn't that bad- I was out of breath but thats the idea when you exercise) So, I walk back down the stairs to the 21st floor. I'm a little sweaty and my legs are shakin a bit when I realize to my horror that G'DAMN DOOR (to my floor) IS LOCKED!! So, little miss "I want to exercise" (me) walks down to level 3, passes level 3, realizes that there aren't any more doors past level 3, walks back up to level 3. On level 3, I try the door, it opens and I'm ....... in the parking garage. What the? So, I find the elevator in the parking garage take it up to the lobby. Walk across the lobby to the elevator that goes to my floor and go back up to the office. And that was my lunch break.


lethes said...

did you turn into a black woman with a crazy fro after all that walkin?
i miss your sense of humor!

MissIker said...

Yes, after all of my walking, I turned into a black woman. But don't you like my outfit?