Monday, November 20, 2006

Cheer up, Charlie! Give me a smile!

Augh! The title of my blog is the stupidest song in a movie EVER! And it always gets stuck in my head! So, Malik and I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971 version) this weekend. I'm not sure why we watched it. I don't know if there wasn't anything on tv or if we couldn't find the remote or if we mutually, non verbally CHOSE to watch this movie. Malik was mad because I knew all of the dialogue and all of the words to all of the songs.

We also went shopping at some outlet malls north of Atlanta this weekend. I went a little crazy in the Banana Republic store but the prices were excellent! Poor Malik went to Nike, Adidas, and Puma and didn't find anything. :( so sad.

Malik and I also went to the Cheesecake Factory that just opened by our apartment. The wait to get in was an hour and a half to 2 hours. So... we waited. Good gracious! I'm telling you, being out with Malik is like being out with a celebrity. Everyone knows him. The Hightowers go out a lot in Atlanta (and frequent the other Cheesecake Factory locations) and there were servers, hosts, managers coming up to our table asking if we were doing ok and then one of the hosts says, "let me know next time you come in, and you won't have to wait." WHAT? First of all, who gets treatment like that? Second, where was this guy 2 hours ago???

Did anyone else notice that our weekend had a Factory theme?

So, I made tilapia on Thursday. I put this parmesan, mayo, butter concoction on top of the fish and broiled it. Malik asked, "what sides are we having?" I went into some long rambling speech about let me just worry about the main dish OK? I don't know what we're having for sides. So Malik picked up some sides from Winners. Baked beans, mashed potatoes, and macaroni & cheese. I missed the cooking class when baked beans went with fish. I guess maybe if you're camping. ANYWAY, so I make the fish. It looks and smells really good. We make our plates a la buffet style. I take my first bite.... the fish tastes like fish. The damn concoction does not mask the taste of the fish AT ALL. So I ask you, why in the heck am I putting butter, mayo, and cheese on top of my fish (hello extra fat and calories) and the fish tastes the same? I'm not giving up. Cheer up Emily! Give me a smile! AUGH!


Cincy Girl at Heart said...

Let me clarify something for you Miss Iker.....there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with watching the 1971 version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Ok?
If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Wanta change the world?
There's nothing
To it...............

MissIker said...

Its so funny that you should type those lines from that song as (and I'm not kidding) Malik was singing those lines this morning while he was getting ready for work. I wanted to shoot myself.

lethes said...

although i didn't recognize the words to that song, i DID know exactly what movie you were talking about from the title. sad, pathetic lives we do lead.

and does fish ever NOT taste like fish? i doubt it. but kudos for trying!

Mom said...

All that Willie Wonka talk made me crave a river of chocolate so I melted 30 bags of Dove Dark and filled the bathtub. That'll do pig. That'll do. Wrong movie but you know what I mean.

lethes said...

alright ikers. it's really not fair that you hogged all the sense of humors when god was passing them out.
where's the comment sheet? i want to complain.