Monday, November 13, 2006

All skate: a phrase indicating that everyone must take part in a certain activity

I went out with Susan this weekend. I called her at 10:15pm and told her to get dressed, we're going out. We ended up leaving Susan's apartment at midnight (Suz, couldn't decide what to wear) and the club we were going to is 2 exits away from Susan's apartment. We got off the exit, everything is fine, we're cruisin along, and then we hit major traffic. It took us 45 minutes to go 2 city blocks. Our lane was bumper to bumper and Susan kept yelling "Its an all skate people! Let's go!". Meanwhile, there were literally cars driving on the sidewalk next to us trying to get to where they want to go. However, they were inhibited by those things what is it? Oh yes! TELEPHONE POLLS! Idiots. People were also trying to get over into our lane because the left lane was moving just fine, of course. People would pull up next to us with their blinkers on and Susan would yell "NO! NO! NO! You're not getting over!" I think the fumes got to us after awhile because I couldn't stop laughing. Finally, we got into the club at 1am. Then the DJ played Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson. Everytime Susan and I are out, and Michael or Luther comes on, Susan and I both scream and then Susan always hugs me. This is fun except when she's been drinking and she has a drink in her hand at that moment. Hello, drink down the back. We got home at 3am and then stayed up til almost 5am, just talking. It was fun.

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lethes said...

i'm so jealous i'm as green as your background.

but i'm not jealous of the sitting in traffic stuff. i've sat in traffic with you enough to last me a lifetime. ;)