Monday, October 30, 2006

Why, Georgia, why?

I am creating this blog so family and friends can keep up with my doings in Atlanta. I am currently working at a law firm in Midtown Atlanta. The office building is brand new and is beautiful. I'm on the 21st floor. Its pretty fancy as you can see. I sit in the lobby and to my right are huge floor to ceiling windows and I can see for miles. This office is alot different than my roach infested basement office at the unnamed mental health agency that I used to work for.
Attached also is a picture of what the apartment complex looks like where Malik and I live. We are in the very bottom floor apartment (I like to call it the bunker). Our apartment isn't very far from an airforce base so we will often see huge planes flying over at very low altitude. This is a little scary to see at first but when I'm frightened I take cover in the bunker.


lethes said...

YEA! You've entered blog world. I'm so glad.
Your office building is so cool!! I'm impressed by you just by looking at it! haha

Ikes said...

What a terrific idea Sister. I'll be sure to check in regularly and provide many funny items to compliment your posts...Thank you for the opportunity for me to make the talking time with you.